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URJ Books And Music :: Grandparents Gift Set For Young Children

Grandparents Gift Set For Young Children 

Languages: English
Grandparents Gift Set For Young Children

Price: $36.00
Save: 70%


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Grandparents Gift Set for Young Children
A Year of Jewish Stories Collection of Children’s books for the holidays.
Perfect for grandparents: a year of gifts for your grandchildren!

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  • Chanukah on the Prairie $14.95
  • Come, Let Us Be Joyful! $14.95
  • Here Come the Purim Players $14.95
  • The Matzah Ball Fairy $14.95
  • Night Lights: A Sukkot Story $14.95
  • Solomon and the Trees $14.95
  • Perfect Prayer $14.95
  • Shabbat Angels $14.95

Value:  $119.60

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Chanukah on the Prairie Chanukah on the Prairie

Chanukah On The Prairie is the perfect introduction to a little-known slice of American Jewish history.

As many Eastern European Jews immigrated to America, a small few traveled beyond New York City to the West.

Come, Let Us Be Joyful!  The Story of Hava Nagila Come, Let Us Be Joyful! The Story of Hava Nagila

Meet Professor A.Z. Idelsohn and his young student Moshe Nathanson who, by making a sad song happy, created the joyful tune of Hava Nagila.

Here Come the Purim Players! Here Come the Purim Players!

"They're coming! They're coming! The Purim players are coming!" So begins a Purim tale of yesteryear by Barbara Cohen, renowned author of Jewish children's books. Enter the world of Reb Zalman and Reb Yisroel and their fellow Jews in Prague; listen to how the Jews of Persia escaped destruction because of Esther's bravery and Mordecai's wisdom. With beautiful, full-color illustrations by Shoshana Mekibel, Here Come the Purim Players! is a lively retelling of the story of Purim that is sure to have the whole family laughing with joy.
Matzah Ball Fairy, The Matzah Ball Fairy, The

When Frieda Pinsky uses some magic powder to help make the matzah balls for her Passover seder light and fluffy, it works too well.
Night Lights: A Sukkot Story Night Lights: A Sukkot Story

On a dark night full of many mysterious sounds, Daniel and his older sister Naomi set out to sleep in their family sukkah. Because there is no outlet to plug in a night light, Daniel and Naomi come to see the stars above as the same night lights the ancient Israelites used on their journey in the desert.

Solomon and the Trees Solomon and the Trees

As a child, Solomon loves the forest and visits it often, but all too soon Solomon grows up and becomes a king.  He is very busy and forgets about the forest and his friends, the animals. 
Perfect Prayer, The Perfect Prayer, The

In a palace, long ago, a Queen goes in search of the perfect prayer.

Introduce your family to the beauty and wonder of the Sh"ma with Rabbi Donald Rossoff"s thoughtful new book. Filled with vivid illustrations by Tammy Keiser, The Perfect Prayer makes this important prayer simple for everyone.

Join the Queen on her quest for the sounds of the perfect prayer. As each of her advisors presents a sound, an important aspect of the Sh"ma is explained. "Shhh" is the sound of silence and listening. "Mmmm" expresses deep thinking. The awe and wonder that can be found in God"s creation is shown in the sound "Ahhh".

The Perfect Prayer is the perfect entryway into spirituality for all ages.

Shabbat Angels, The Shabbat Angels, The

Something is not right in the home of Chaim Yonkel and his wife, Esther. Usually their home is filled with the smells of delicious foods, the sounds of laughing children, and happy smiles on everyone's faces. But this Shabbat finds the family fighting, Shabbat dinner unprepared, and the house a mess.

The Talmud tells the story of two angels, Tov and Rah. According to this legend, these angels follow each person home from synagogue on Shabbat and deliver a blessing. If Shabbat is being honored and the home is filled with Shabbat peace, the angel of good, Tov, gets to deliver the blessing that every Shabbat should be like this one. However, if Shabbat is not being honored, the angel of evil, Rah, gets to deliver the blessing, turning the same words into a curse.

This contemporary version of the talmudic tale, illustrated with breathtaking illustrations by Joani Keller Rothenberg, updates the story for today's families. The Shabbat Angels will delight the whole family while it teaches the importance of Shabbat shalom, Shabbat peace.


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