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URJ Books And Music :: Adult Non Fiction/Text Study :: Mingled Roots -A Guide for Grandparents of Interfaith Children

Mingled Roots -A Guide for Grandparents of Interfaith Children
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ISBN: 0-8074-0850-6

Mingled Roots -A Guide for Grandparents of Interfaith Children

Sunie Levin, Illustrated by Dahlia G. Schoenberg

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Sunie Levin's thoughtful, sensitive book is for every Jewish grandparent trying to create a meaningful relationship with their interfaith grandchildren.

Establishing a meaningful relationship with grandchildren can be hard for any grandparent, especially when physical distance gets in the way. The addition of religious difference can often make the relationship seen even more challenging. Mingled Roots helps grandparent deal with the etiquette of being a Jewish role model while respecting the parents' wishes regarding religion.

In this practical guidebook, Levin employs honesty, humor, history, and real life experience to present an approach that works. Based on the expertise of rabbis, priests, ministers, grandparents, and interfaith couples, Levin shows grandparents productive ways of sharing their Jewish heritage in appropriate ways that will not cause tension with their intermarried children. She addresses a wide range of scenarios, from introducing your grandchild to celebrations and traditions of Shabbat, to explaining the Jewish rituals related to death. She lays down strict rules for grandparents, simultaneously supporting the passing on of tradition from generation to generation while reminding them that parent are the final authority on what a child does and does not learn. Complete with a bibliography of resources for grandparents as well as grandchildren, Mingled Roots is an invaluable tool for anyone involved in interfaith grandparenting.


Levin, Sunie
Schoenberg, Dahlia

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