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URJ Books And Music :: Jewish Living :: Talmud for Everyday Living Book 1: Employer-Employee Relations

Talmud for Everyday Living Book 1: Employer-Employee Relations
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ISBN: 0-8074-0739-9

Talmud for Everyday Living Book 1: Employer-Employee Relations

Hillel Gamoran

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Designed to be used by both beginning and advanced Talmud students, Talmud for Everyday Living: Employer-Employee Relations provides a Jewish perspective on issues that affect our everyday lives in the workplace. The carefully selected talmudic passages, presented in both the original and in English translation, highlight issues of ethics and fairness as related to such topics as employment contracts, the length of the workday, and appropriate compensation. This volume includes a glossary of definitions, explanatory notes on the individual talmudic Sages, case studies, and discussion questions.


Gamoran, Hillel

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  • Includes a glossary of important definitions and Talmudic sages
  • English translation accurately conveys the meaning of the Talmudic text
  • Highlights questions for discussion
  • Excellent for personal study or adult education classes
  • Ideal for beginning or advanced Talmud students

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