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URJ Books And Music :: Curriculum/Textbooks :: Hebrew for Adults Series :: Bet Is For B'reishit and Tav Is For Torah Teacher's Guide

Bet Is For B'reishit and Tav Is For Torah Teacher's Guide 
ISBN: 0-8074-0846-8


Languages: English, Hebrew
Bet Is For B'reishit and Tav Is For Torah Teacher's Guide

Linda Motzkin

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The Teacher's Guide for levels 3 and 4 of the Hebrew for Adults series, combined into one volume.


Motzkin, Linda

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Bet Is For B'reishit: Hebrew for Adults Book 3 Bet Is For B'reishit: Hebrew for Adults Book 3

Thousands of adults have learned Hebrew with the Hebrew for Adults series, of which this is Book 3. Linda Motzkin, in coordination with the URJ Hebrew Literary Task Force, uses her tried-and-true methods to build upon the knowledge developed in Books 1 and 2. Students will expand their grammar, vocabulary and comprehension by translating prayer book and biblical texts. Each chapter provides a range of different Torah texts for comparison. Extra enrichment material, such as commentary on the Torah selections, is provided as well.

This combination of exercises and stimulating content is the key to the success of this series. Bet Is for B'reishit challenges students to learn while providing interesting subject matter to keep the motivated. With additional resources like a full glossary, verb lists and grammar charts, Bet Is for B'reishit is the next step for any adult on the path to becoming a Hebrew-literate Jew.

Tav Is For Torah: Hebrew for Adults Book 4 Tav Is For Torah: Hebrew for Adults Book 4

Tav Is For Torah picks up where Bet Is For B'reishit leaves off. In this fourth book in Linda Motzkin's Hebrew for Adults series, students will put all the skills they have learned to use. Through translation exercises, students will expand their vocabulary and strengthen their grammar skills. Since the beginning, the Hebrew for Adults series has used prayer book and Torah texts to create fun and interesting activities. This has given students not only a motivating way to learn Hebrew, but also a wealth of Jewish knowledge. Tav Is For Torah is designed to enable Hebrew-literate adults to become students of Torah.


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