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URJ Books And Music :: Outreach and Membership :: Defining the Role of the Non Jew in the Synagogue: A Resource for Congregations (Revised Edition)

Defining the Role of the Non Jew in the Synagogue: A Resource for Congregations (Revised Edition)
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ISBN: 0-8074-0881-6

Defining the Role of the Non Jew in the Synagogue: A Resource for Congregations (Revised Edition)

URJ-CCAR Commission on Outreach and Membership

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The success of the Reform Movement's Outreach to interfaith couples is evident in every Reform congregation in North America. Just look around your own congregation! Welcoming non-Jewish partners and inviting them to participate in meaningful and appropriate ways requires careful thought and policy setting. What leadership roles should be reserved for Jews? How will non-Jewish family members know they're welcome and how they can be included? This revised and updated edition of Defining the Role of the Non-Jew in the Synagogue draws on the experience and expertise of the past 10 years to guide congregations in a deliberative and successful policy setting process.

The best of the two earlier volumes is included along with new chapters on the following topics:

  • a sampler of the full range of current policies on membership, voting and governance
  • discussion and examples of a spectrum of ways to honor non-Jewish family members at a bar or bat mitzvah
  • examples of the process of policy setting in congregations of various sizes, with policy
  • language included
  • the special challenges of setting policy in small congregations
  • welcoming families and setting clear guidelines for religious school enrollment and involvement
  • end-of-life issues for interfaith families and synagogue responses
  • additional resources on affiliate policies, an index of Outreach-related responsa, and more!

    If your congregation is just starting to study its general policies or if you are fine-tuning language for a religous school enrollment brochure or coordinating your WRJ policy with that of your congregation, this volume will surely be of assistance.

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