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URJ Books And Music :: Israel :: Jeremiah's Promise: An Adventure in Modern Israel

Jeremiah's Promise: An Adventure in Modern Israel
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ISBN: 0-8074-0787-9

Jeremiah's Promise: An Adventure in Modern Israel

Kenneth Roseman

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It is the Spring of 1945. Having grown up a Jew in Poland, you were subjected to the real terrors of the Nazi reign, but somehow you managed to survive. Upon returning to your native town, you are horrified to see that so many of the people you knew are gone. You can no longer call Poland home; everything has changed. At a Displaced Persons' Camp, an agent of the Mossad L'Aliyah Bet, a secret group helping Jews get to Palestine, convinces you to attempt life there. Thus begins Kenneth D. Roseman's latest Do-It-Yourself Adventure book. The reader ventures through Israel, traveling myriad paths that wind from Israel's cities to kibbutzim, from service in Israel's army to helping Yemenite Jews adjust to their new surroundings. Jeremiah's Promise ultimately tells the story of modern-day Israel by allowing YOU to experience it for yourself! Download the Resource Guide For Jeremiah's Promise! Please be sure to also check out the Activity Guide for the Kenneth Roseman Do-It-Yourself Adventure Series.



Roseman, Kenneth

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  • Highly interactive and easy-to-follow format
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