Molly: The NEW Miami Party Drug

DISCLAIMER: Let me start off by saying that the purpose of this article is strictly for educational purposes and in no shape or form to be taken as an encouragement to do drugs OR that we condone the use of drugs. I just thought I’d put that out there before someone leaves me a stupid comment and I have to go send someone to go f*ck themselves

Cocaine, coke, perico, coca, Taylor Swift, white girl, Ya-yo or whatever else you call it has been known to be the trademark party drug for Miami since the 1970’s but lately, the big question on everybody’s mind from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale and everywhere in between has been “I’m looking for Molly? Do you know where I can find Molly” No matter where I go, whether it’s a party, a club, a bar or a strip club, Mollies seems to be the new power house party drug, taking Miami by storm.

Once again the purpose of this article is strictly to educate and inform people of what Mollies are DON’T GET IT TWISTED…

What is Molly?

The name Molly is short for “molecule.” Mollies come in a beige/off white crystallized powder form and are packaged in clear capsules (pills) that you orally ingest. Mollies are basically the purest form of MDMA (3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, commonly known as Ecstasy or Rolls). But on like Ecstasy it’s supposed to be uncut, without other drugs, or fillers such as baking soda. To be sure that your molly is uncut, you should use a Marquis Reagent testing kit.

Now that you know the basics, let’s get to the effects. I had a party at my house and popped mollies into everyone’s drinks and then documented the results…..JKJK. I would never do anything of that sort and you shouldn’t either.

What Does it Feel Like?

Got it?! I actually just asked several people that take mollies, both men and women to describe what they felt, how long the effects last, the dosage they take, etc. and this is what they had to say:

“I usually feel the effects 20-30 minutes after taking a molly.”

“The only way to describe how I feel when I’m on a molly is hyped up and happy, though there is the occasional times when you’ll pop a shitty molly that makes your heart raise and all the lights blur together. Popping a molly is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”

“Mollies get me suuuper horny, lol!” (FYI, Both men and women told me the exact same thing)

“When on mollies I like to listen to “House Music” or as people in Miami like to call it “Tiki Tiki Music.”

“After I pop one or two mollies, the high can last between 6-8 hrs.”

“On like Ecstasy It doesn’t give me a downer the next day”

“When on Mollies don’t drink or do any other drugs. Grab some water, some lollipops, a pair of shades, and head to your closest Tiki Tiki club and call me in the morning”

After Effects of Molly

Sounds like a lot of fun right? Well, just like every other drug, here are some of the fun After Effects:

  • Anxiety and paranoia
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Impaired attention, focus, and concentration, as well as drive and motivation (due to depleted serotonin levels)
  • Residual feelings of empathy, emotional sensitivity, and a sense of closeness to others (afterglow)
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness, or vertigo
  • Loss of appetite
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances, such as diarrhea or constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Aches and pains, usually from excessive physical activity (e.g., dancing)
  • Exhaustion
  • Jaw soreness

Be Safe and Always Use a Testing Kit!

I hope you guys have enjoyed another edition and once again, the purpose of this article was strictly for educational purposes. I did not write this to motivate any one to try drugs or to preach to those that do, do drugs to stop doing drugs. Lord knows I’m the last person to try to tell anyone how to live their lives. We are all adults and we know what’s good for us and what’s bad for us, so no matter what your poison of choice is alcohol, cocaine, mollies, etc. remember to always use moderation. Too much of anything EXCEPT money is bad for you. Till next time, be safe and remember to not stress the bullshit “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one”.

Benefits Of Ketamine Therapy

While self-medication is nothing but fire-playing, ketamine has now been recognized as a possible remedy for depression. As per a recent research published on April 18, 2018 in the American Journal of Psychiatry (AJP), a ketamine-containing nasal spray may relieve depressed symptoms and suicidal thoughts. The research was double-blind in which experimental medication and esketamine (part of ketamine) intranasal combination were contrasted with standard treatment and placebo in order to determine the most common therapy for severe depression in people at high risk of suicide. 

The Research

Researchers from the Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, Conn., and Janssen Research and Development, and Janssen Medical Affairs, Titusville, N.J., and San Diego, carried out the report. The participants consisted of 68 persons who were randomly allocated for a cumulative period of four weeks to obtain either the intranasal formulation or placebo two days a week. All the participants were offered a normal antidepressant medication during the period of the research. The suicidal ideation was assessed on the basis of patient and clinician viewpoints.

Many drugs require at least four to six weeks to demonstrate their results and the gap may be bridged by utilizing the esketamine spray owing to its immediate effectiveness on anxious patients and others with elevated suicidal tendency. This was a phase-two test, and it will undergo phase-three review, as per the scientists, before obtaining clearance from the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). Usage of ketamine comes with a warning however.

Ketamine Treatment

Possible misuse of ketamine Notwithstanding the capacity advantage of ketamine treatment, the writers have cautioned of the potential for violence. To relieve their misery, often individuals coping with the stress of mental health disorders fall into drug misuse. They may become reliant or addicted after long-term use of any substance. The disease is recognized as co-occurring conditions or dual diagnosis where an patient is struggling from both mental health and drug misuse problems. Management of co-occurring diseases needs to take all the symptoms into consideration and manage them together with improved success.

Alongside the post, the AJP publisher, Robert Freedman, and additional board members have released an editorial. After reviewing documented accounts of prescription opioid misuse, the analysts acknowledged the misuse capacity of ketamine. During the phase-three experiment, they highlighted the need for more work in this area, such as exploring cravings and possible usage of ketamine from other outlets.

Ketamine Shows Promising Results

Dealing with co-occurring conditions Since ketamine is not yet licensed for care, despite having positive effects in many depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts. However, a number of people misuse the substance in an effort to self-medicate, relieve discomfort and promote relaxation. Moreover, a lot of illicit substances claiming to be pure ketamine have been increasing in recent years. So the importance of using a testing kit is crucial in saving lives. Ketamine distorts vision and auditory sensations, which induces hallucinations. It is a common party substance frequently exploited by teenagers and young adults. It is a drug in Schedule III and used as an anesthetic only.